Software Quality Assurance

If you don't have time to do it right,
when will you have the time to do it over?


Creating software solutions is never error-free, simply because the writers are human.
This is especially true in our fast pace world in which application are created in an agile environment, and often requirements are decided upon and changed during the development process.
This make quality assurance critical.
Yes, it starts with making sure the application does what it is supposed to do, but our true value is in discovering the invisible.
Those errors that are usually not seen with a regular run of an application.
We are experts at taking applications to extreme situation and testing their capacity, durability and scalability.

Load & Scalability Testing

An application that can potentially be used by millions of users must be tested for its capacity and handling under load.
Just when an application goes viral and it is suddenly downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users - that is exactly when you don't want it to fail - when so many eyes are on your application. Will your server be able to handle the heat?

Recovery & Reliability Testing

Things break, it is not a question of if, it is a question of when. 
We are experts in setting up scenarios to test applications and evaluate their ability to recover from extreme failure situations.
Application failures may have liability issues and that is where these tests are a must.
Lower risk, increase application reliability.

Performance Testing

This is a high paced world, users are becoming less and less patient to load times and response times. When things are not going fast enough, users will just leave and go to try an alternative service.
We don't want then to get to that point - performance testing will help identify issues and inefficiencies in the application and resolve them.
Today faster is not only better, it is a necessity.

Functional Testing - Test Automation

It is impossible to over estimate the importance of plain functional testing - where all use cases of an application are executed and verified to be working correctly.
The only problem with functional testing, is that it takes time!
This is where we can help - we will create a test harness for your application.
This tool will be designed to automatically run a specific set of functional test cases.
Saving time, and increasing your products quality.
This is especially important since functional tests should be done after any change made to the product - verifying new / modified code has not impacted the functionality of the application. 
So before you launch a new version of your product, you can simply run you test tool automatically before shipping it and enjoy a worries - free sleep.
With automating test cases, the sooner it is done, the sooner you start saving and enjoy better quality with one click of a button.