Back End Engineering 

Doesn't sound sexy at all,
but that's where the magic happens!

b/e engineering is all about performance, efficiency and durability - doing the application's heavy lifting.

Our professional developers master the art of b/e design & coding. We deliver high-end solutions that serve millions of users around the world, utilizing state-of-the-art algorithms and techniques. Making applications scalable, and amazingly fast.


Our in-hands experience with nodejs, mongodb and a combination of top notch powerful solutions and libraries give us the ability to deliver any project thrown at us!

Think big, big data. Think the future. Think 10M users all performing light to heavy tasks over the web using both PC and mobile devices. This is what a backend is for. it serves, stores, analyzes and responds in fractions of seconds. 

A solid b/e architecture is the backbone of any successful business. Just like an iceberg, what you see in an application is just the tip - the backend is where creativity, skills, and out of the box thinking is really required. This kind of magic takes the wisdom of experience with the creativity of latest technologies.

our dedicated team has a proven track recored of designing, developing, delivering, maintaining and extending backend systems - we're always up for a challenge! 

Add to all of that, the power of analytics and real time monitoring, we give you the information and tools you need to grow your business and learn about patterns, habits and needs of your target market.