The Company

Sagxa is a Toronto software development company with a passionate team, committed to providing web, mobile and software solutions that make a difference where it really matters. 
Creating products that accomplishes a goal, provide value and bring to the world something new and exciting. 

We love challenges - the two things we love best about software development are that nothing is impossible! It's a matter of how, not a matter of if. And of course that technology is constantly changing, giving us better tools to achieve even more.
Always going beyond current boundaries. 
It is our leading principle to be on top of all that is new in the software world, allowing us to provide our customers with amazing cut of the edge solutions, made for today but also ready for tomorrow.

The Team

Wise people have said that a rich person is one that is passionate about what he does. In this case, our team is all rich people! Every project we take becomes part of us. We never just do a project and move on, we enjoy going into depths with our customers to really provide them an edge using technology, to give them above and beyond knowing their success is our success. This is our passion.
With a perfect mix of skills and experiences, we provide high quality software solutions that can serve millions. 
Our agile work process allows us to focus on results, achieve more, and get it done faster. 

Our Vision

Make a difference through innovation, technology and the power of human creativity.

Sagxa is the Esperanto word for wise. Esperanto is the only engineered language in the world, structured to create a easy common language and foster collaboration and peace. 
So being wise takes engineering, planning, constant learning, experience and most of all - a vision. 
We are committed to providing wise solutions to our customers. We don’t just mean high quality software, we mean providing solutions that make a difference.